Why Choose Us

Our story is about our experience through changing paradigms of health and how we've lived through the era of following the guidance on diet where we reduced our dietary fat, increased our carbohydrate intake, and watched our calorie intake, only to find ourselves as unhealthy as the majority of people. Type II diabetes has skyrocketed, cardiovascular disease is still alive and prevalent, and cancer diagnosis doesn't seem to quiet. Well, it's time to go back to the basics and follow the true science. The true science doesn't change. We learned we can help people sift through the vast amount of information out there regarding health so they themselves can understand how to reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, obesity, and diabetes. It's not all about taking medications, although there is a place for medications. It's about integrating diet, lifestyle, supplements, and medications. We want to partner with people who want to improve their health. We also want to partner with people to help them take and manage their medications the best they can, to get the most of the benefit they can. That's how we ended up in this position to help

  • 40+ years experience managing patients
  • Our goal is for you to live longer and healthier
  • Our aim is for you to take the least amount of medication
  • 80 years of regional family
  • Your goal is to avoid a heart attack/stroke
  • Your goal is to halt or reverse chronic disease

Meet Our Team

Ched Nichyporuk


+1 (780) 571-2121

Pharmacist Licensee 4385
Registered Prescribing Pharmacist.
Ched has been a pharmacist for 31 years and values providing prompt service along with up to date information regarding our chronic disease epidemic. Functional Medicine Practitioner
Certified in Advanced Metabolic
Cardiovascular Health

Cheryl Nichyporuk

Managing Partner

+1 (780) 571-2121

Cheryl has been a leader in business for 30 years. Her entrepreneurial spirit allows her to continually find ways to contribute to her communities. In 2009, she combined her business skillset with her passion for health and wellness and obtained certifications in Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding while being co-owner of a pharmacy. She prioritizes exceptional customer service and will always look for ways to make sure customers of Progressive Health Pharmacy receive gold standard care.

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